Details & Specification

Tank: 1200 litres (264 gallons) polyethylene MDPR tank.
Chassis: Steel frame, over-run brakes, lights & jockey wheel. Fast tow, road legal.
Dimensions: W 1905mm (75") x Length 3785mm (149")

Pumps: Electric - 12 volt DC diaphragm pump with free flow of 18 litres (3.9 gallons) per minute (powered by the towing vehicle)


Lances: a) Telescopic lance with a removable rose head for baskets, up to 6 metre reach.
b) Short lance for tubs and beds.
Hose: 6 metres of heavy duty hose is supplied c/w on/off facility at the lance.




For Scotland delivery prices, please call 01473 328272.

Towed Water Unit HBU1200ATE Electric - Ref HBU1200ATE(E)

Telescopic Lance