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Leisure Parks

SCH have supplied numerous local authorities, hotels, caravan parks, zoos, farm parks etc, with various products.

Examples are, The hotel on Tresco which uses one of our people carriers to take guests and their luggage to and from the drop off point.  The many councils which we have supplied water units for use by parks and gardens departments to water beds and hanging baskets.  Caravan parks use SCH trailers for moving laundry, maintenance machinery, refuse bags etc around their sites.  There are also the farms and garden centres who provide a thoroughly entertaining ride for adults and children, with our trailers, fun trains and the little one's favourite, the rainbow express.


Some of these products came into being because a customer had an idea and said 'I don't suppose you could make...'  In most cases, we CAN make your idea a reality, so call us and let's see what we can do.

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