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The Hunter Tractor is a powerful, versatile and highly manoeuvrable mulching tractor. It also has the equivalent of a car’s automatic transmission -hydrostatic transmission, so is smooth and slick. With a 98cm cutting width, it makes light work of any lawn up to 2 acres.


Adding finely cut clippings to the lawn surface results in higher nutrient levels and better grass growth, saves you cash on lawn fertilisers, and saves time emptying cuttings.


The machine is powered by STIGA, 413cc ST400 petrol engine and boasts hydrostatic transmission – akin to an automatic car’s transmission. It is slick, efficient and powerful. The twin-blade cutting deck, with a 98cm cutting width, ensures a superb precision cut.

If grass growth is fast and mulching isn’t possible, simply discharge the clippings via the side discharge function. 

The Hunter Tractor is easy to use and easy to store, thanks to its compact design.


Arrives assembled.


Price on application, please call - 01473 328 272

Hunter Tractor - Ref Hunter

VAT Included
  • Engine Type  Stiga Engine ST400 
    Transmission Type Hydrostatic
    Cutting Width 38" (980mm)
    Cutting Height 25 - 80mm
    Overall Length 1726mm
    Overall Width 1315mm


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