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Details & Specification

The Yellow Delivery Hose is compatible with:

GWU/E, GWU/P, WC(E), WC (P), EWC(E), EWC(P), ADMD & all hanging basket waterers.

W270E, W3100E, W3100P, W3200E, W3200P, HBU900E, HBU900P, SPT250E, SPT250P, SPT500E, SPT500P, HBU1200ATE(E), HBU1200ATE(P), HBU900ATE(E), HBU900ATE(P) & all FPT and WC Units.


Diameter: 3/4 inches

Minimum Length: 6 Meters

Maximum Length: 25 Meters


For lengths over 25 Meters please contact 01473 328272 or

3/4' Yellow Delivery Hose 6 Meters - Ref HOYD34

VAT Included

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