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Our new unit allows transportation of both the spreader and the salt bin making it a very useful product for situation where the dangers of ice have to be dealt with.

 A large capacity salt bin and one of our popular SSS2 salt spreaders are secured onto a trailer which is heavily galvanised. 

The trolley is easy to manoeuvre due to it's pneumatic wheels. The spreader can be used and refilled to apply to larger areas, but areas close to vegetation, along very narrow pathways or on stairs or steps can be treated by the operator by hand from the main salt bin. For best results, white bagged salt should be used.

Both bin and spreader can be locked for security.


Salt Dispensing Trailer - Ref TSS

VAT Included
  • Trolley length 1220mm (48")
    Trolley Width 770mm (30")
    Wheels 4 x 400 x 8 pneumatic
    Capacity of SSS2 60kg
    Capacity of Salt bin 250kgs (200 litres - approx 10 bags of white salt)

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