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This small water tanker is ideal for towing behind an ATV or similar to transport water to animals in rough terrain areas, water-laden bogs etc.


The water may be dispensed at speed using a small 12-volt pump powered by the towing vehicle's electric supply.  Water can also be gravity discharged from a 3/4" tap on the rear of the container. 


The increased stability from the wide-profile wheels allow this trailer to be towed at the faster speeds of an ATV.


Arrives assembled.


Rough Terrain Water Carrier - Ref GWCRT

VAT Included
  • Tank capacity 180 litres (40 gallons)
    Wheel size 20 x 10-8 (42in)
    Pump 12V Submersible - powered from the tractor battery - up to 12 litres per min
    Overall width 1060mm (42in)
    Hitch 50mm ball

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