The sprayer is mounted on a three-wheel robust tray chassis.  The two leading wheels are pneumatic; the rear castor wheel acts as a line marker.  The pump is a 12v diaphragm pump powered by its own integral battery. ( A charger is supplied with each machine.)  A pressure gauge and a bypass regulator are fitted for the hand lance. 

The low to ground four nozzle boom minimises drift and therefore close to edge work can be carried out.

A brass trigger lance is supplied for spot spraying etc.

The handles are adjustable to suit the operator.  A tow bar is supplied with each machine.

The average spray time per battery charge is approximately five hours, normal spray use (3.5 hours intermittent) is for continuous spraying obviously, on/off time, refill and movement actions will enhance overall spray time.


Other extras include;
Wider spray coverage booms
Pumps up to 18l/min output can be fitted

PSP Power Sprayer - Ref PSP

  • Pump delivery 7L/min (open flow)  Higher flow pumps can be fitted on request.
    Pump pressure 2.4 bar (max)
    Capacity 30 litres
    Spray width 915mm (36")
    Wheel size 400 x 4 pneumatic
    Weight empty 35kg