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The body of the trailer is moulded from strong commercial-grade plastic, which means the body will stand the carting of corrosive material (animal waste etc.) without causing body rot.


Being plastic, the trailer can be stored outside without deterioration.


The trailer has a simple tipping mechanism for easy emptying. The two wide profile roller bearing pneumatic wheels help to reduce wheel marks on soft surfaces.


A manual handle is fitted as standard to assist in manoeuvering the trailer when used away from the towing vehicle.


Chassis colour: Chrome Green as standard


Arrives assembled.

Plastic Bodied Trailer - Ref PTP

VAT Included
  • Body width 830mm (32")
    Body length 1350mm (53")
    Body depth 400mm (16")
    Carrying Capacity (500kg) 10cwt
    Wheel size 15/600 x 6 with bearings
    Weight 36kg

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