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Equestrian Powered Brush \ Poo Picker

We have developed the Equestrian Powered Brush (Ref: EPB) for the smaller equestrian centres and private paddock owners.

Regularly removing droppings promotes healthy grass and helps reduce droppings-related diseases.


Four rows of height-adjustable brushes rotate at variable speeds to flick the droppings into the rot-proof rear collecting box. The brushes are driven by a 5.5Hp Honda engine equipped with a speed reduction gearbox incorporating a centrifugal clutch. This means when the engine speed is reduced, the brushes stop revolving, a necessary feature when moving from heap to heap.


The Equestrian Powered Brush can also be used for other sweeping tasks, e.g. car parks etc. The tow hitch is fitted with a 50mm ball hitch.

The brushes are easily changed when they become worn.


Arrives assembled.


A 50mm ball hitch is fitted as standard, and other hitches are available.

Clevis hitch

Tongue hitch

Equestrian Powered Brush - Poo Picker - Ref EPB

VAT Included
  • Engine 5.5Hp Honda petrol with reduction box and centrifugal clutch
    Overall width 1350mm (53")
    Working width  900mm (35.5")
    Catcher capacity 270 litres
    Gear Box 2.1 reduction
    Clutch Operates at 1,800 RPM
    Brush 4 Brushes, 2.3mm polypropylene
    Tow Bar Ball hitch standard (clevis optional)
    Weight 190kg

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