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The two-wheel balance cart can either be manually pushed, or it can be towed from your garden tractor.  The tow bar is interchangeable with a foot support. In either mode, the wooden sides can be hinged down or completely removed.  


The wheels being mounted inboard makes this a useful load carrier where there are width restrictions.


Due to the ability to evenly distribute the weight on either side of the wheels, the Balance Cart is significantly easier to move than a wheelbarrow.


Clevis Hitch fitted as standard, other hitch types available.


Arrives assembled.


Balance Cart Trailer - Ref BCT

VAT Included
  • Carrying capacity 500Kg (10 cwt)
    Width on body 760mm (30")
    Length of body 1500mm (60")
    Wheels 400 x 8 
    Weight 95kg

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