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Big Bale Transporter

Product Ref: BBT

Price £1,995.60 inc VAT

Details and Specification


This unit will pick up a large bale ready to be transported to the required site.  The large low ground pressure wheels will allow the unit to be towed over unfriendly ground.

The trailer can be used for other lifting tasks.

Method of Operation

Remove the trailer floor
Reverse the trailer over the bale
Lift bale and secure
Replace floor


Overall width                               2000mm (80")
Overall length (inc tow bar)         2400mm (96")
Unladen weight                           200kg
Carrying Capacity                      1000kg
Wheels                                       20x10-8.4 stud pneumatic

Lifting jib                                     Hydraulic manual pump

Tow hitch                                    50mm Ball hitch