Garden Watering Unit Electric

Product Ref: GWU(E)

Price - £1,003.20 inc VAT

Details & Specification

The garden watering unit, is an extremely useful water transporter, to carry much needed water to areas where hose pipes etc, are not practical.

The  pump delivers water to the required area through a rose nozzle which can be removed to convert to a single stream flow. An on/off device is fitted to the delivering end of the dispensing hose. The waterer is mounted on a single axle chassis. The tow bar has our standard clevis and pin coupling. A 50mm ball hitch can be fitted as an option.

The unit can be filled from an external source, ponds, tanks etc. This adaption must be requested at the time of ordering.


12v pump powered from the towing vehicle or an independent rechargeable battery.

Flow Rate: 18 litres (4 gallons) per minute.

Wheel size 15/650 x 8

Approx Weight Empty: 100kg

Tank Capacity 270 Litres (60 Gallons)
Delivery Hose 6 Metres of 3/4in Hose
Overall Width 950mm (37in)
Overall Length 2550mm (100in)