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Hard Surface Powered Sweeper

Product Ref: HSPS

Price £3,915.60 inc VAT

Details and Specification

The powered brush sweeper is designed for sports surface where a more aggressive sweep is required., i.e., hard surface running tracks etc.

The HSPS can also be used on sand filled surfaces. The sand/fill are returned to the playing surface throught the mesh bottom of the catcher box.

A cover plate is supplied with each machine to cover the mesh floor in sweeping operations where all debris is required to be collected.

The brush is powered by a Honda 5.5hp petrol engine with built in centrifugal clutch - reduce the engine revolutions and the brush stops revolving.

The required brush pressure on the surface is achieved by meand of the height adjuster mechanisim.

A winch to ease the emptying is fitted as standard 

Engine 5.5HP Honda Petrol with reduction box
and centrifugal clutch
Overall Width 1350mm (51in)
Working Width 900mm (35.5in)
Catcher Capacity 270 Litres
Weight 190kg