A small self-contained waterer powered by the standard 12-volt battery. The unit incorporates a pressure system. Open the lance tap, and the pump will start. Shut the tap, and the pump shuts down.


Lances: a) Telescopic lance with a removable rose head for baskets, up to 6-metre reach.
b) Short lance for tubs and beds.
Hose: 6-metre heavy-duty hose is supplied c/w on/off facility at the lance.

Skid Mounted 270L Hanging Basket Waterer - Ref W270(E)

  • Tank Capacity 270 litres (60 gallons)
    Weight guide Empty 30Kg - Full 300Kg
    Pump 12 volt DC diaphragm pump with free flow of 18 litres (3.9 gallons) per minute
    Dimensions W 700mm (28") H 870mm (34") Length 1200mm (48")