Details & Specification


This 73L capacity broadcaster spreader features a galvanised-steel hopper and deflection guard, and is powered by the forward speed of your towing vehicle. The wheels drive an all-metal gearbox, which in turn drives the stainless steel spreading disc. Wide-profile turf-tyres give high grip while being gentle on grass surfaces.

The spread width is 2-6 metres depending on the forward speed of your towing vehicle. An adjuster lever is within reach of the driver's seat, which meters the correct amount of product to broadcast through the stainless steel flow control.

To keep the salt flowing freely, a stainless steel agitator rotates within the hopper to break up any clumps of salt. It is simple to remove the agitator and guard for fertiliser and seed spreading. The galvanised hopper comes with a rain-proof sheet to keep the salt dry.

If you only require the ability to spread fertiliser/seed, see the GAM73.



Hopper Capacity: 73L

Spreading Width: 3m to 10m without guard, 2m to 6m with guard

Dimensions: (W x L x H): 96cm x 155cm x 97cm

Unloaded Weight: 45kg

Minimum Tractor Power: 10hp

Fertiliser Distribution: 0.5 hectares per hour

Wheel Type: 15x6.00-6 Turf Tyres


Ring hitch as standard, other hitches available as an optional extra.

Optional Extras

- Clevis Hitch - 50mm Ball Hitch Attachment

Salt Broadcaster Towed Galv 73L - Ref GAM73GALV