Details & Specification


This 310-litre capacity broadcaster is suitable for broadcasting salt in car parks and private roads, with a spreading speed up to 2.5 hectares per hour. The hopper and deflection guard are made from seamless galvanised-steel for corrosion-resistance. Full lighting is included with this model for safe use around other vehicles and pedestrians; however, it is not road legal.

The high-traction wheels drive hardened steel gears inside of a cast-iron gearbox with oil-bath lubrication. This gearbox, in turn, drives an adjustable stainless steel spreading disc and a long stainless steel agitator to keep the salt flowing. This results in a spread width of 2-6 meters depending on the speed of the vehicle.

The hopper comes with a rain-proof sheet to keep the salt dry and flowing freely. The draw-bar is height adjustable and can be fitted with a variety of tow hitches for use on all types of vehicle.

Hopper Capacity: 310 litres
Spreading Radius: 2 – 6 metres
Dimensions: (W x L x H): 150cm x 215cm x 140cm
Unloaded Weight: 125kg
Minimum Tractor Power: 20hp
Spreading Distribution: 2.5 hectares per hour


Ring hitch as standard, other hitches available as an optional extra.

Optional Extras

- Clevis Hitch - 50mm Ball Hitch Attachment


For Scotland delivery prices, please call 01473 328272.

Salt Broadcaster Towed Galv C/W Lights - Ref GAM310