Details & Specification

The indoor waterer is a very useful water dispenser for the maintenance of indoor plants etc.
The 25 litre tank mounted on a two wheel trolley which is easily maneuvered by the handle around corridors etc. The water is dispensed by a small 12 volt pump powered from an integral rechargeable battery. A battery charger is supplied with each unit. A lightweight trigger lance puts the water where it is required. The waterer has a small container for collecting plant groomings. A manual handle makes the transporting of the unit up and down stairs and van loading an easy operation. The water tank can be removed leaving a very useful trolley to transport plant containers.

Tank capacity: 25 Litres (5 Gallons)
Overall width: 430mm (17")
Overall Length: 790mm (31")
Height: 990mm (39")

Indoor Water Unit -Ref IDU