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IMPORTANT: This trailer is NOT road legal. Obtaining the required paperwork to certify this trailer as road legal takes up to 6 weeks. If you would like this trailer to be certified as road legal, please contact us prior to purchase, as an additional cost may be required.


Mounted on a rugged steel frame with over-run brakes, lights and a jockey wheel, this towed water unit is equipped with a 900 litre (200-gallon) capacity tank.


The watering unit is powered by a 12v DC diaphragm pump.


This model features an electric pump.  A petrol version of this machine is also available.


Six metres (20 feet) of heavy-duty 1/2" hose is supplied with on/off lever tap and quick-fit coupling for a simple lance changeover. Two lances are also included; a short lance for tubs and flower beds; and a  telescopic lance complete with rose head for basket watering up to 6 metre reach.


Arrives assembled.



For Scotland delivery prices, please call 01473 328272.

Electric Towed Water Unit - Ref HBU900(E)

VAT Included
  • Tank Capacity 900 litres (200 gallons)
    Chassis Steel frame, over-run brakes, lights & jockey wheel
    Weight guide Empty 250Kg - Full 1050Kg
    Pumps Electric - 12 volt DC diaphragm pump with free flow of 18 litres (3.9 gallons) per minute (powered by the towing vehicle)
    Dimensions W 1500mm (59") H 1300mm (51") Length 3000mm (118")

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