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This 600 litre (132 gallon) skid-mounted watering unit is ideal for use on the rear of vehicles or trailers.


This model features an electric-powered pump as standard.


Six metres (20 feet) of heavy-duty 1/2" hose is supplied with on/off lever tap and quick fit coupling for simple lance changeover.


Two lances are also included; a short lance for tubs and flower beds; and a telescopic lance complete with rose head for basket watering up to 6 metre reach.


Arrives assembled.

Electric Skid Mounted 600L Basket Waterer -Ref W3100(E)

VAT Included
  • Tank Capacity 600 litres (132 gallons) recycled tank
    Mounting Skid for mounting on the rear of vehicles or trailers
    Dimensions (E)Width 800mm (31.5"), Height 1270mm (50"), Length 1200mm (48")
    Weight guide Empty 61 Kilos - Full 660 Kilos (Approximately)
    Pump (E) 12 volt DC electric pump powered by the vehicle battery Flow rate up to 19 litres per minute.
    Hose 6 metres (20') heavy-duty 1/2" hose complete with 'on/off' lever top, quick-fit couplings for simple lance change over.

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