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The 48" Mounted Carrier Frame will fit compact tractors fitted with category one three-point linkage fittings; other fittings configurations can be supplied.


The mounted frame is designed so that a detachable towbar can be fitted if required, making the frame easily converted for towing. This must be requested at the time of purchase.


The frame consists of two transport and depth control wheels which are adjusted by winding down jacklegs. The wheels are pneumatic wide profile with bearings. The frame has a weight tray and is supplied with three 25 litre water fillable ballast tanks.


The complete range of attachments for the 48" grass care system consists of:

  • SR48 Sorrel Roller
  • B48 Brush
  • S48 Slitter
  • A48 Aerator
  • D48 Dethatcher
  • L48 Levelling Lute
  • AM48 Arena Maintenance
  • SP48 Power Sprayer
  • R48 Firming Roller
  • HT48 Hollow Tine Corer


Important: This 48" carrier frame must be purchased in order to use the 48" attachments. 


Important: The towbar adaption kit is an optional extra, and is not supplied with this machine as standard.


For a towed version of the 48" Carrier Frame, please refer to product code F48T.


48" Mounted Carrier Frame - Ref F48M

VAT Included
  • Overall width 1750mm (69")
    Unballasted weight 60kg
    Ballasted weight 135kg

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