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The Heavy-Duty Carrier Frame is the 40" tool carrier for the SCH 1020mm (40") grass care system attachments. 


The Heavy-Duty Frame may be water ballasted for extra weight.


The option of additional weight, if required, can be placed in the weight tray. This heavy-duty system is built around the carrying frame.


The frame consists of the tow bar, weight tray, two transport wheels and two ballast tanks. The tow bar is height adjustable to suit all towing vehicles.


Arrives assembled.


The heavy-duty carrier frame (Ref HGF) must be purchased in order to use the 40" Attachments. Photos show each attachment with the heavy-duty carrier frame to illustrate authenticity.


The complete range of attachments for the 40" grass care system consists of, which can be purchased separately:

  • HGL - Lifting Device
  • HGS - Slitter
  • HGA - Aerator
  • HGHT - Hollow Tine Corer
  • DTC - Dethatcher
  • HGM - Moss Rake
  • HGB - Brush
  • HLL - Levelling Lute
  • HFR - Firming Roller
  • HGPS - Sprayer


An optional extra:

  • HDST - Storage Stand

40" Heavy Duty Carrier Frame - Ref HGF

VAT Included
  • Overall Width 1250mm (49")
    Weight Unballasted 28kg
    Weight Ballasted  90kg


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