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Horse Owners

For anyone who loves and cares for horses, whether a private owner or someone running a livery, competition yard or riding school, keeping horses working and playing in a healthy environment is essential. Level manèges with an even distribution of material makes schooling more pleasureable and safer.

There are a variety of SCH products in this section which will help you to keep paddocks and pastures level, ragwort free and in good condition. Water can be taken to outlying or difficult to reach areas, and by using one of our trailers or better still our poo picker, the Equestrian Powered Brush, paddocks can be kept free of droppings without putting your back out!

In the manège, we have a variety of units, with or without tines and rollers.  If you are not sure which unit is right for you, please call us.

We are always open to ideas for new products, modifications and requests for bespoke builds, so don't hesitate to call us if you'd like to see your idea become a reality.


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